Project Details

  • Client: University of Leeds

  • Status: Complete

  • Value: £264,204.00

  • Duration: 15 weeks

The nature of this project was the replacement of the existing fluorescent lighting within four buildings spread across a highly populated university campus, with LED and where appropriate installing automatic controls where there was none previously present.  The requirement was to payback the initial cost of replacing and installing the lighting and controls by reducing energy consumption substantially and then having a lighting system which would be more cost effective and sustainable moving forward.

The contract was split in to three phases, with the majority of one phase been completed before moving onto the next.  The works were undertaken on all eight floors of the Michael Sadler building, on level two of the Brotherton Library and in various rooms in Baines Wing and the Parkinson Buildings.

The areas of works for phase one the Michael Sadler building, were predominantly office, circulation and ancillary spaces with little impact on the teaching areas.  Phase two was in the Brotherton Library and due to the buildings usage, special consideration had to be given to the need for keeping noise levels to an absolute minimum, although all site personnel were very sympathetic to library users, some out of hours working was required when undertaking noisy operations.  Phase three encompassed the remaining two buildings, where works had to be programmed around the room occupants.

As all four of the buildings remained fully occupied throughout the contract period, the works had to be scheduled and certain areas prioritised to minimise disruption and risk to the building occupants. Health and safety was a major concern to not only our own employees, where working at height constituted most of the working day, but also to the university students and staff where the risk of slips and trips was an obvious hazards whilst works were on going in the circulation and corridor areas. Consequently, careful forward thinking, planning and close liaison with all the building managers was a necessity.