Project Details 

  • Client: University of Leeds

  • Status: Complete

  • Value: £356,000.00

  • Duration: 8 weeks

The objective of this project was to improve the ventilation to the bedrooms and communal areas of 36 flats spread across 20 floors. The fixed windows to the bedrooms were replaced with openable windows and new electrical ventilation was installed to the communal kitchen /lounge areas, fitted up to existing louvres.

The works were all undertaken from the inside of the building eliminating the need for external access. The method of replacing the windows was critical due to the significant health and safety implications of working at height. A mobile anchor point and harness methodology was agreed and implemented which used an adjustable load-tested “door bar anchor” with harness to secure an operative, who has any tools on a lanyard attached to themselves.

Part of the building was occupied during construction so consideration had to be made on the impact to the students.  Activities such as deliveries, testing, noisy and dusty works were organised to minimise disruption to the Client and their tenants.

A strict and tight programme was adhered to; one made tighter due to the unforeseen and excessive builders work and making good with the window replacements.  The handover of the flats was phased with a number of flats being offered back early, to the benefit of the University who were able to enter and prepare the rooms for occupation earlier than anticipated.